Our main priority is happy customers.

We work closely with all our clients to make sure we understand your vision and what you ultimately want for the project. We also work closely as a team, making sure that we are all on the same page and working together to bring that vision to life.


One of the most important choices getting started will be which type and color of stone to use.

If you want an engineered material such as quartz or porcelain, visiting the manufacturers’ online galleries might be a great place to start; you’ll be able to see the variety of colors offered and the pattern of the slabs, all of which might help you narrow down your choices.

We have samples of most of the colors and brands at our office. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to arrange a day and time for you to come in to look at them. If you want to see the actual slabs before committing to a specific color, we can help arrange an appointment for you to go to the manufacturer’s showroom.

If you’re thinking about using natural stone, you can also look at the online galleries of some of our stone suppliers. We suggest, though, that you go to these places and look at the material. There can be so many variations in natural stone that the best way to appreciate the detail is by looking at the actual slabs.

The edge we’ll fabricate to finish the exposed sides of the counters will also need to be selected. Your choice can contribute to the overall style of your project, and it will vary depending on the thickness of the material.

Backsplashes are another element you need to choose that will add to the feel of your design. We’ll need to know if you want backsplashes in the same material as the tops, and if you do, how high they’ll go, for example, 4 inches, 6 inches, or full height.

We invite you to browse around our site for ideas and resources that might help you with your selections. Also, please let us know if we can assist you with any of your choices or if we can answer any questions by contacting us.



We start by giving you an estimate for the work we’ll be doing. It will specify the areas included and your material kind and thickness, edge style, backsplash option(s), and sink option(s), among other things. Once all the details are final, we’ll need you to approve the estimate and sign our contract for work.

We will base the estimate on measurements and your material and details selections. You are more than welcome to contact us for an appointment to come to the office to tell us about your project. We understand time is precious, so we can work with you via email and phone to get the information we need. Actually, we have been working this way with clients and accounts for years (though before we used to get the drawings mainly via fax) We will work with you and give you fair and accurate pricing, no hidden costs, no surprises.

We invite you to go to our estimate page to send us the measurements and information needed. The more details we can get initially, the better, but send us what you have, and we’ll work with you to get everything we need for accuracy. Sometimes we can get to a final estimate with just one call, email, or visit if you have all your selections. Sometimes we might need to ask you some follow-up questions and go over different options with our clients. We always strive to make this process efficient and clear to make sure we are all on the same page from the beginning and can help you find the best options for your design and your budget.


After completing all the approvals, we’ll schedule an appointment for our guys to go measure everything we’ll be fabricating and installing for you. Certain things need to be ready for us before we can go; for example, new cabinets need to be permanently installed, and apron front/farm sinks also need to be installed before we measure. If you are only replacing countertops, please clear them so that our guys can have access to take measurements. We suggest you or someone who can decide about the work plan on being there with our guys in case there are questions and to approve specifics such as seam placements. Also, we recommend that you have items such as sinks, ranges, downdrafts, and cooktops on-site so that our guys can make sure that everything fits correctly.



All the fabrication takes place in our shop, where our experienced team handcrafts your stone pieces following our above industry standards. All our technicians are trained in and follow safe work practices. We use top of the line CNC machinery and handheld tools and methods, so all our pieces have a detailed finish that’s clean and accurate.

We craft custom pieces, which we cut and fabricate following your specific measurements and requirements; our primary goal is for your stone pieces to be beautiful and for you to be happy.

We don’t have specific counter size restrictions. We’ll work with you to have as few seams as possible whenever possible; this will depend on us having sufficient space to move the pieces around in your house and the material you select.

Some natural stone colors have significant variations and movement, and some have linear patterns. Let us know if there is a part of the slab you want to use on a particular area of your project; we’ll make sure to take that into account during the fabrication process. Also, if you’d like, we can set up an appointment for you to come in so we can put together the layout of your counters on the slabs.


Once we start the fabrication process, we’ll set up the installation appointment. Our standard turnaround time between measurements and installation is two weeks depending on us having the material and non-farm sink (s) at the shop by the time we measure. We suggest you or someone who can make decisions is at the job site with our guys in case any questions arise.  All faucets and other accessories requiring us to drill a hole into the stone must be at the job site at the time of installation.

All our installations are done by our in-house team of experienced installers who will work efficiently while paying great attention to detail.

Ready to get started?